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ENDYMED™ NEWA® Beauty Anti-Ageing Skincare Device Starter Kit

ENDYMED™ NEWA® Beauty Anti-Ageing Skincare Device Starter Kit

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  • Home-use skin tightening device
  • Same 3DEEP radiofrequency technology as ENDYMED
  • Clinically proven results

NEWA is the most advanced home-use radiofrequency device available. It’s clinically proven to rebuild collagen and reduce wrinkles safely and effectively.

NEWA Radio Frequency Starter Kit is designed as a complete kit towards your journey to lifted, firmer and tighter skin. The NEWA device is the most advanced home-use skin tightening tool available. Rebuilding collagen and stimulating the skin using the very same technology as the ENDYMED professional radio frequency treatments; 3DEEP Skin Science.

3DEEP Skin Science is the only multi-source phase-controlled radio frequency technology available. It’s unique in that it has multiple generators of energy which allows the delivery of focused controlled energy deep into the skin.


  • NEWA Device
  • NEWA LIFT Activator Gel
  • NEWA Luxury Travel Bag


The Treatment
Using the NEWA Radio Frequency device feels just like a warm facial massage. There are three treatment areas; the upper cheeks, lower cheeks and under the jawline. Each area takes just 8 minutes to treat (4 minutes each side). During the treatment the NEWA LIFT Activator gel is used as a glide mechanism, and to enhance the results of the treatment.

Immediately after one treatment skin will feel plumper and tighter with a radiant glow. After four weeks’ use fine lines and wrinkles will be noticeably reduced and skin will be firmer and smoother. After twelve weeks’ use you will see a further reduction in wrinkles, firmer, smoother skin with ongoing improvements over time. During the first four weeks of treatment NEWA is used 3-5 times per week to boost skin activity, dropping down to just twice a week thereafter.

Clinically Proven:
NEWA is the first FDA cleared home-use radio frequency device, and is supported by unrivalled clinical evidence.


NEWA Radio Frequency Starter Kit – comes as a complete kit with NEWA device, plug and lead, lift gel, and instructions.
Tighter, lifted & glowing skin
Significant improvement in texture & luminosity
Reduces fine lines & wrinkles
Rebuilds and remodels healthy new collagen
Medical grade technology clinically proven by leading Dermatologists
FDA cleared
Painless and easy to use
Quick and effective treatment
Non-Invasive home-use skin tightening device

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